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Gojira - Somerset, WI 18.08.2012 (Source 1)

Artist: Gojira
Venue: Somerset Amphitheater
Place: Somerset, Wisconsin USA 2012-08-18 Saturday

Title: "Knotfestival 2012"

***This is Source#1

Modded WM-61's w/40hz bass roll-off - 1st gen Nano w/rockbox3.6 @ wav16-bit 44.1khz.
- fades/edits with Adobe Audition3 - Burnnn - EAC - flac level 8 with TLH - MP3

Taper: Kingjman

Date of first upload: 2012-08-20

Joe Duplantier - Vocals Guitar
Mario Duplantier - Drums
Christian Andreu - Guitar
Jean-Michel Labadie - Bass

01 Intro
02 Oroborus
03 The Heaviest Master Of The Universe
04 Backbone
05 L'Enfant Sauvage
06 Toxic Garbage Island
07 Explosia

RAW, only cut & fades.
No EQ on this one, not even normalized.

Had a great time, thanks to mechanimals for the ticket!
Perfect day for an outdoor show, except for a bit of rain later on.
Very dusty at this 2nd stage..also better sound IMO.

If You make Art...please use pics from the show.
Don't buy or sell.
Support the band, buy their merchandise, and record them!

flac :


mp3 :


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