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Alice In Chains - Birmingham, AL 30.04.2013

Alice In Chains
April 30th, 2013
BJCC Concert Hall
Birmingham, AL, USA

source: Tascam DR-2D w/ internal mics
transfer: SD Card > PC > CoolEdit > CDWave > TLH > FLAC > MP3
taper: ballsdeep
location: balcony, right side

--. Them Bones
01. Dam That River
02. Rain When I Die
03. Again
04. Check My Brain
05. It Ain't Like That
06. Your Decision
07. Got Me Wrong
08. Hollow
09. Last of My Kind
10. Down in a Hole
11. Nutshell
12. Heaven Beside You
13. Stone
14. We Die Young
15. Would?
16. Man in the Box
17. No Excuses
18. Rooster

notes from taper: not much to say there late, so I DO have an Edirol source with about 30 muffled seconds of "Them Bones" hear the recorder hit the ground (!!!) as I bumped it off the edge of my chair during Rain When I Die while setting up my VIDEO camera (yes, video exists, though the first 20m are kind of rough as I set up with security peering over my shoulder, but the link here has UNEDITED screenshots {I'm on the road until the 19th, so be glad you even have these pix}: )


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