Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Rush - Austin, TX 23.04.2013

Rush in Austin, Tx
Frank Erwin Center

Disc 1
01 Subdivisions
02 The Big Money
03 Force Ten
04 Grand Designs
05 Limelight
06 Territories
07 The Analog Kid
08 The Pass
09 Where's My Thing?
10 Far Cry
11 Caravan
12 Clockwork Angels
13 The Anarchist

Disc 2
14 Carnies
15 The Wreckers
16 Headlong Flight
17 Halo Effect
18 Wish Them Well
19 The Garden
20 Dreamline
21 The Percussor
22 Red Sector A
23 YYZ
24 The Spirit Of Radio
25 Tom Sawyer
26 2112

Lineage: Tascam DR-08 w/built in mics @ 16bit/44.1Khz -> USB2.0 -> PC -> Goldwave for track splits -> TLH -> FLAC Level 8 > MP3

Taper: DDemon72

location: Left of stage at about 3 O'clock position, 28th row

This is the first show of the Clockwork Angels 2013 tour. It looked like it was a sellout or very close to sold out. This venue has always NOT given best available as tickets are sold. If they had I wouldn't have been on the 28th row on the side of the facility. My neighboors also bought tickets right away when they went onsale and were also stuck in this section. Rush put on an excellent show as always. Being this far from center the sound was somewhat boomy. No alteration to the sound was performed except raising the volume 2.53 Db (33%). Unfortunately The "Whoo" guy was behind me. He finally slacked off as the show progressed but it was irritating so say the least. He liked to clap loudly too.

There is a video before the band comes out, before the band comes back from intermission and at the end of the show. I included the audio from that in the extras folder. I also trimmed 20 seconds of audience noise at the end of track 3 (Force Ten) so the show would fit on 2 CDs. The unedited version of that track is in the extras folder as well for those that want to hear the whole thing but aren't planning to burn to 2 CDs. Artwork for the booklet (inside and outside), the back and tray, as well as the CDs is included. All pictures are from this show.

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