Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

Judas Priest - Niagara Falls, NY 16.03.1984 (Rare)

Judas Priest
Convention Center
Niagara Falls, NY
March 16, 1984

I have no lineage info for this tape. I bought it at a record shop that an old hippie named Ted runs out of his house in The Falls, Great guy, if a little odd. He likely bought a copy of the tape from the taper and my copy was a copy of his. That makes the master 3rd generation, but part of it got dubbed to another tape when the original started to decay badly. I've never seen this tape anywhere else but from him, so I thought I'd share it, even if it's not the greatest. I did what I could to clean it up.

01 Love Bites
02 Jawbreaker
03 Grinder
04 Metal Gods
05 Breaking The Law
06 Sinner
07 Desert Plains
08 Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
09 The Sentinel
10 Rock Hard, Ride Free
11 When The Night Comes Down
12 The Hellion/Electric Eye
13 Heavy Duty/Freewheel Burning
14 Freewheel Burning
15 Victim Of Changes
16 The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crow)
17 Living After Midnight
18 Hell Bent For Leather
19 You've got Another Thing Comin'