Samstag, 20. Juli 2013

Motorhead - Melbourne, Australia 13.08.1984 (special gig)


I am not sure how rare this show is but I thought I would just share it anyway just in case.
I got it in a trade many years ago.

Motorhead played about 26 Australian gigs on their 1984 Aussie tour.
This was a small gig played to about 100 people at a roller skating rink.
I think it might have been a secret gig.
Lemmy's first words are 'Hello skaters'.
The band supposedly used a small room used for kids'parties as a dressing room.
There were apparently people skating during the gig.

The quality is quite good considering the age. I can't work out all the song titles as the lyrics aren't always clear.


1. Iron Fist
2. Stay Clean
3. Heart of stone
4. The Hammer
5. Metropolis
6. Shoot You In back
7. Jailbait
8. Killed by Death
9. Ace of Spades
10. Steal Your Face
11. The Chase is Better Than The Catch
12. We Are the Roadies
13. No Class
14. Motorhead
15. Bomber
16. Overkill


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