Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Paul Di'Anno - 2013-11-10 - Paris, France flac

Paul Di’Anno
(with musicians from « Coverslave »)
Le Divan du monde

taper: Moka17

2x CA11 > CA BB > EdirolR09HR > Adobe Audition 6.0 > xACT 2.24 > Flac8

1 Intro
2 Sanctuary
3 Purgatory
4 Wrathchild
5 Prowler
6 Murders in the rue Morgue
7 Genghis Khan
8 Remember tomorrow
9 charlotte the Harlot
10 Killers
11 Phantom of the Opera
12 Running Free
13 Transylvania
14 Iron Maiden

Probably only for Maiden die hard fans : Paul was drunk, had lost his voice during half of the songs, was aggressive with part of the audience, was not fun..but it is so great to hear again some old stuff from Maiden sung by him (Purgatory, Killers, Murder in the rue Morgue).
Ambiance was good and the french cover band who played with him is good too.


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