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Scorpions - 1982-04-28 - St Austell, UK (SBD) flac

Scorpions - The Coliseum, St Austell (UK) 28th April 1982 (Soundboard)(Ex+ Recording).

This is a recording I received in a postal trade some time ago, and as I'm now listening to this great band
once again I'd thought I'd share this on here and as far as I can tell this hasn't been on here before.

I'm not sure if this is a soundboard recording or a radio broadcast or just an awesome audience recording.

It is from a senstaional period in Scorpions history, and the track list is fantastic.

These are the original notes that came with it:

"Source > Soundboard (unknown gen)

Quality > Very good.

Transfer > Aiwa AD-F410 tape deck > CD Wave > DBpoweramp > Flac level 8 > TLH

Disc 1

01 Blackout.
02 Dont Make No Promises.
03 Loving You Sunday Morning.
04 Make It Real.
05 We'll Burn The Sky.
06 Coast To Coast.
07 Lovedrive.
08 Always Somewhere.
09 Holiday.

Disc 2

01 Cant Live Without You.
02 He's A Woman She's A Man.
03 Another Piece Of Meat.
04 Dynamite.
05 The Zoo.
06 Steamrock Fever.
07 Cant Get Enough.

Do not sell or compress to lossy formats.


First of all I'd like to thank whoever recorded this and to "datman8" for sharing
this absolute gem of a recording with the larger community.

Make no mistake that this recording is far from perfect, however with some remastering
by someone who knows what they are doing, this could sound like an official release.

As it stands the sound is 8/10ish or Ex+ mainly because, the Vocals are
low down in the mix. 

With a tweak here and there on a graphics equaliser you can get this sounding awesome.

Anyway support the band by buying their merchandise/cd's etc. They are on their farewell tour, and I for one will
miss them.  They have been in my life since I was a teenager and their music has got me through some tough situations in my life. 

I saw them on tour a couple of years ago first as a double A act with Judas Priest, and then the
following year when Uli Roth made a guest apperance, and they were tremendous.

Share freely but never sell and don't encode to MP3 unless for personal use.




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