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Rush - Atlantic City, NJ 11.05.2013

Rush – 2013-05-11 – Trump Taj Mahal Casino Etess Arena – Atlantic City NJ

Recorded by nivekissor from Geddy’s side right in front of the stacks, Section 102, Row 9, Seat 1

iPhone 4 internal microphone– iRecorder app = aifc files-->NHC file convertor -->WAV recordings -->NCH WAV editor to track and patch recordings -->NCH File Converter --> 48k Hz/24bit level 8 flac --> MP3

Total running time: 02:43:35

1. Gearing Up Video
2. Subdivisions
3. The Big Money
4. Force Ten
5. Grand Designs
6. Limelight
7. Territories
8. The Analog Kid
9. Bravado
10. Where's My Thing? (Drum Solo 1)
11. Far Cry
12. The Appointment Video
13. Caravan * with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble
14. Clockwork Angels *
15. The Anarchist *
16. Carnies *
17. The Wreckers *
18. Headlong Flight (Drum Solo 2) *
19. Halo Effect (Alex Lifeson Guitar Solo Intro)*
20. Seven Cities of Gold *
21. The Garden *
22. Manhattan Project *
23. Drum Solo (The Percussor)
24. Red Sector A *
25. YYZ *
26. The Spirit of Radio (Without string ensemble)
27. Encore Intro Video
28. Tom Sawyer
29. 2112 Part I: Overture
2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
2112 Part VII: Grand Finale

After seeing the boys every time they get near Philly since November of ’84 (Both Spectrum nights), I tried my hand at recording a show. Packed arena made for a great show and I was lucky being on the end of an aisle, so I had room around me and decent seat mates that didn’t talk through the show or scream. There were a couple of technical glitches. Geddy’s keyboards seemed to go silent a bit in the beginning of Subdivisions and there seemed to be a stutter start on YYZ, but otherwise a pretty tight show on their part. On my part, I accidentally stopped recording twice on The Garden, but I patched it together fairly well with minimal loss. I also missed the outro video.

I was going to bring my M10 to record, but wasn’t sure how security would be (nonexistent – I could have brought a sound studio in!), so I relied on my iPhone which surprisingly takes a nice recording.

I hope you enjoy it just as it was recorded with no mastering done, please just don’t sell it.
-nivekissor 05-2013


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