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Accept - Aschaffenburg, Germany 09.10.1993


Aschaffenburg, Germany (mislabeled as "Winterthur, Switzerland")

Silver-CD "This One's For You!" (Black Gold Records (1993))

Lineage: Silver-CD > EAC (log-file included) > WAV > FLAC (via TLH (Level 7 and tested)) > MP3



01 Starlight
02 Living For Tonight
03 Screaming For A Love Bite
04 London Leather Boys
05 I Don't Wanna Be Like You
06 Breaker
07 Slave To Metal
08 Princess Of The Dawn
09 Neon Nights
10 Restless & Wild
11 Son Of A Bitch
12 This One's For You
13 Bulletproof
14 Too High To Get It Right
15 Up To The Limit
16 Burning


Ripped, encoded and uploaded by uninvited94.

Do not alter this set of files before uploading on trackers or trading it.

As with most Silver-Bootlegs, dates and venues might not be those that are written on the artwork or the CDs themselves. I always do my best to give good information, but I sometimes just can´t guarantee.

So, please make sure to update the new information that may be given during the presence on the trackers where I have uploaded these shows. You should always find the best suggestion about dates and venues in the threads themselves, save them in a NEW info-file not to spread wrong details about the shows.

However, many thanks to all those users and collectors that help to work out the proper details.

Do not sell this recording.



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