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The Sword - Glasgow, Scotland 13.01.2013

The Sword
7th January 2013

Lineage:Tascam DR-08 SP-CMC-22 mics>Battery box>Tascam line in @24/96>Audacity (>44.1/16)>Cd Wave>FLAC(8)>MP3

03.Hammer of Heaven
04.Tres Brujas
05.How Heavy This Axe
06.Cloak of Feathers
07.The Hidden Masters
08.Dying Earth
09.Maiden, Mother & Crone
10.To Take the Black
11.Seven Sisters
12.The Horned Goddess
13.Arrows in the Dark
14.Veil of Isis

15.Barael's Blade
16.Iron Swan

Slarty Recordings.
Staff at ABC were a pain in the arse for this show - had my Microtrack grabbed for the evening, so no recording from me, however my vertically challenged chum managed to get by (with his gear concealed under his cravat...), so this recording is courtesy of him.

Had been desperate to catch the band again, since their stint touring with Metallica on their first European leg of their Death Magnetic Tour, & they didn't disappoint - they were on it from the start.

Show was Glasgow, so fair amount of drunken gadgies, however this just added to the occasion (the Shut The Fuck Up T-Shirt was never going to work in Weegieland)...


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