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Battery (Metallica Tribute) - Pittsburgh, PA 02.02.2013

2013-02-02 (February 2nd, 2013)
The Altar Bar
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

"Dying Just For You"

Recorded by Hybrid196 on the ground floor next to the balcony stairs. Slightly more towards the left side of the stage.

Tascam DR-05 with built-in mics (Limiter ON, Low Cut ON @ 120 Hz) -> USB transfer to HD -> WAV imported to Audacity -> Audacity (beginning and ending trimmed and divided into tracks using a label track) -> tracks exported to WAV -> SBE's fixed and WAVs encoded to FLAC (level 8) using TLH > MP3

Length: 02:03:40 (2 Hours, 3 Minutes, 40 Seconds)

01 The Ecstasy of Gold (01:55)
02 Creeping Death (6:45)
03 For Whom The Bell Tolls (5:15)
04 *Break* (0:38)
05 Master of Puppets (8:44)
06 *Break* (1:08)
07 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (6:30)
08 Enter Sandman (5:59)
09 The Four Horsemen (7:12)
10 *Break* (2:21)
11 Fade To Black (7:38)
12 *Break* (0:47)
13 Wherever I May Roam (7:00)
14 *Break* (3:03)
15 One (7:29)
16 *Break* (2:57)
17 Last Caress (1:25)
18 Am I Evil? (4:32)
19 Seek And Destroy (7:21)
20 *Break* (4:27)
21 Harvester of Sorrow (6:02)
22 *Break* (1:51)
23 Orion (9:23)
24 *Break* (1:30)
25 Battery (5:45)
26 *Break* (2:17)
27 Blitzkrieg (3:46)

- Battery put on a great show.
- They had a new singer and lead guitarist for this show.
- The band had some technical issues during Creeping Death. Sounded like the intro to One started playing right after The Ecstasy of Gold and either a bass and/or guitar had problems or was not turned on. It's fixed relatively quickly.
- A few of the breaks have conversations from the band with the crowd.
- Zero editing was done on this recording. Might be a bit low but just turn it up. Problem solved.

Show Notes
- Lots of issues...
- 1. Doors were not open on time.
- 2. Too many opening bands. THREE opening bands? About halfway through the second band people were already getting anxious. A cover of Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast was the only thing that saved them.
- 3. For some reason it was a 21+ show. It really didn't need to be. (See #4) Remove one or two opening bands, make it all ages, and you'll probably sell more tickets.
- 4. Very few people. At most about 50 people were there. During Battery there was less than half of that.
- 5. The balcony was closed. I guess they have to sell a certain amount of tickets before it's open but a good number of people clearly wanted to go up there.
- 6. No stage lights far too many times. If it was for an "effect" it was annoying.
- 7. Guitar solos could not be heard clearly. Every solo sounded like a high-pitched whine. Somehow this recording sounds 100 times better than what we heard.
- 8. Staff obsessively throwing away empty bottles. Glass hitting glass is not an instrument that needed to be added.
- 9. The drunk guy to my right during The Four Horsemen.

"Sabbath bloody sabbath
Nothing more to do
Living just for dying
Dying just for you"

- It's going to take a band I really, really, really, want to see for me to go back there.
- Anyways, enjoy the recording! It's probably better than actually being there!


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