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Justin Bieber - Greensboro, NC 19.01.2013 (Believe Tour)


January 19, 2013 - Greensboro (NC) Coliseum

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, low-sensitivity mic setting) > cdwav (saved FLAC 6) > MP3

VG+ sounding audience recording recorded from upper desk, Section 220, Row J.

This was the second time the Mrs. and I took our two daughters to see The Biebs... and since I just have to record every show I attend, here is a very decent
sounding recording for you to share with your daughters if you'd like ... As for my review of the big show, I found that I didn't enjoy this production nearly
as much as the My World tour... maybe the "newness" has worn off for me or maybe there was way too much flash and over-production, or as my
11-year old asked me after the first song : "where did our sweet little Justin go ?" He's trying to grow up my dear... I haven't seen that many crotch grabs since,
well, the kid's idol, MJ.

As for the recording, other than the hysterical screams throughout (what would you expect ?) and the single, maniacal youngster sitting a few rows behind
us shrieking "I love you Justin Bieber !!" and like throughout the show, I believe you'll find that the show sounds really good. No need for samples, because
either you're interested in this show or you're not ...

Setlist :

01 Justin floats in...
02 All Around The World
03 Justin says hello .. snipets of last tour songs
04 Catching Feelings
05 video interlude > One Time
06 Eenie Meenie
07 Somebody To Love
08 video interlude
09 Love Me Like You Do
10 "paparazzi" video (with Phish's First Tube jam)
11 She Don't Like The Lights
12 band intros
13 Die in Your Arms
14 Out Of Town Girl
15 Justin straps in for his ride...
16 Be Alright (acoustic)
17 Fall (acoustic)
18 You Got It Bad (acoustic)
19 Never Say Never
20 Justin gets the crowd to scream
21 Beauty And A Beat
22 One Less Lonely Girl
23 video interlude
24 As Long As You Love Me
25 Believe
26 crowd and yet another video
27 Boyfriend
28 Baby


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