Montag, 10. November 2014

Blaze Bayley - 2014-03-05 - Edinburgh, Scotland flac

Blaze Bayley
5th March 2014

(first show on the tour)

Source: MCSM-4 Mic's>TASCAM DR-07mkII

Lineage: TASCAM>PC(USB)>CD Wave Editor>FLAC(8)

01 633 Squadron theme
02 Speed of Light
03 The Launch
04 The Brave
05 Futureal
06 Blood and Belief
07 Watching the Night Sky
08 Stare at The Sun
09 Eating Children
10 Leap of Faith
11 Robot
12 The Clansman
13 Ghost in The Machine
14 Kill and Destroy
15 Samurai
16 Ten Seconds
17 Silicon Messiah
18 King of Metal
19 Soundtrack of My Life
20 Motherfuckers R Us
21 The Man Who would Not Die
22 Man on The Edge

Brother is a great fan of all things Iron Maiden, so he bought me a ticket to see Blaze for my birthday...

Went down really well, sound balance was excellent (once the soundboard guy actually turned Blaze's microphone up...) & Blaze/band seemed to be really enjoying themselves.


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