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Kiss - 1977-07-12 - Montreal, Quebec (Uncirculated) flac

Montreal Forum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
July 12, 1977
Love Gun Tour

FLAC - Master Audience Recording
Equipment - Unknown "Boom Box Type Thing"
Taper - D.L.

I got lucky in finding a master recording of Kiss from the 70's that is not yet circulating. It was by chance really. I was on a non-music forum that I am a member of and I posted in the general topics area on February 18 that Kiss released their debut album 40 years ago. The taper of this show then responded by saying he saw them in Montreal during the Destroyer tour and taped them. I about fell out of my seat reading that because no shows have turned up from the first month of the Destroyer tour in late April of 1976 and that would have been an amazing find!

I asked if he would be willing to send me the tape and I would transfer it for him. He abliged and also said he recorded an interview with Gene on the radio a year later in 1977. Cool! Upon receiving the tapes, I discovered within a matter of seconds that it was the Love Gun show from July 12, 1977 which is already circulating. However, this is his master and completely different from the version I had and actually, quite a bit better!

First off, it's complete. The only version I had was missing "Ladies Room" entirely and had a major cut in "I Want You." The only cut in this one is a brief tape flip during Ace's solo. I put the two tracks together, so the solo jumps ahead a bit towards the end, but it wasn't missing much.

The overall sound is much better. The recording I had previously was very low and seemed to run a bit fast. Not this one.

Finally, to close it out, a real gem of an interview with Gene Simmons from earlier in the day on July 12, 1977. He phoned in from his hotel to CHOM-FM 97.7 in Montreal and made some interesting statements. One funny moment was when he tried to make a point by saying "Is it possible 15 years from now you could be the next President of the United States? Who knows" to which Bobby the DJ replied "I don't think so, because I'm not a citizen of the United States." Gene went silent for a little while after that one. HA!


Detroit Rock City
Take Me
Calling Dr. Love
Love Gun
Ladies Room
Christine Sixteen
I Stole Your Love
Shock Me
Ace Frehley Guitar Solo (cut)
I Want You
Makin' Love
God Of Thunder
Peter Criss Drum Solo
Rock And Roll All Nite
Shout It Out Loud
Black Diamond

+ Gene Simmons Interview CHOM-FM 97.7 Montreal from day of show




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