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Blue Oyster Cult - 2014-02-09 - Giants Of Rock - Minehead, England flac

Blue Oyster Cult
Butlins, Minehead, England
February 9, 2014

Eric Bloom. Lead Vocals, Rhythum Guitar, Keyboards.
Buck Dharm. Lead Guitar, Vocals.
Richie Castellano. Guitar Keyboards.
Jules Radino. Drums.
Kasim Sulton. Bass Guitar.

Upped by hawkwind

Source: Master Audience Recording, Zoom Q3 (wav), EAC (uncompressed), CD, Flac 8, Dime.
Quality: EX/VG-

A packed hall, so I had to go to the front by the main speakers. The pro's being the high volume drowns out most chat, the cons happen in the quiet parts, you get clapping and chatting.

This is the raw recording that I made, and has some room for improvement. However when I noticed the recording time I thought lets get it out there.
I will master it day. If you want to do it first please do.

01 Intro
02 This Ain't the Summer of Love
03 The Golden Age of Leather
04 Burnin' For You
05 Dancing In The Ruins
06 Od'd On Life Itself
07 Harvest Moon
08 The Vigil
09 Then Came The Last Days Of May
10 Godzilla
11 Don't Fear The Reaper
12 Cities In Flame

Oh, by the way the recording time is 79:54


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