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Yngwie Malmsteen - February 1983 Guitar Player Mag demo tape flac

Upped by tradefulhead

This is the demo tape Yngwie sent to Mike Varney for inclusion in his Guitar Player Magazine "Spotlight" column. He was 19 when he sent it, it appeared in the February 1983 issue.

This recording's source was my low generation cassette (Maxell XLII)... I captured it using a fairly crappy Roxio capture device, removed a layer of tape hiss with Audacity, and tracked it with CD WAV... At some point I may get a much nicer interface; and when that happens I may attempt to pull a better capture from my cassette... Meanwhile I haven't seen this on any trackers, please enjoy it for what it is :-)

My cassette was labeled like so:

Black Star
Now Your Ships Are Burned
Electric Duet
Plague in Lucifer's Mind
Far Beyond the Sun
Jammin' the Night Away
Merlin's Castle
Soldier Without Faith
Improvised Solo
Dead Sun

All compositions, lyrics, and arrangements by
Y. Malmsteen
Lundagatan 39, 11727
Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: 08-699154


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