Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

Rush - St Louis, MO 14.02.1980 (FM Remaster)

St. Louis '80 Thir13en Remaster
Media: 1 CDr
Time: 73:09
Source: Pre-broadcast LP
Date: February 14, 1980
Location: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

2112 14:51
By-Tor And The Snow Dog 5:15
Xanadu 12:18
The Spirit Of Radio 5:19
Natural Science 8:24
Beneath, Between, Behind 2:29
Working Man 3:31
Anthem 2:03
Bastille Day 1:29
In The Mood 7:49
La Villa Strangiato 9:52

Another top pre-fm remaster for you today from Thir13en. I love this man's work, although I'm aware it does split people down the middle. The St. Louis '80 show is long considered one of Rush's best bootlegs, if not the best. This remaster boosts everything, compresses it somewhat but without being too offensive. It sounds meaner, louder, heavier than any of Rush's official bootlegs. The original boot split '2112' into it's various sub-sections. For this boot, I've stitched them all together for you, to better recreate the studio version. Enjoy!



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