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Dream Theater - Atlantic City, NJ 21.07.2012

Dream Theater
Circus Maximus Theater @ Caesar's
Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Taper: chadhogg
Source: Zoom H-2 (internal mics) -> WAV -> Audacity (normalization, track splits) -> FLAC -> MP3
Taper's Review:
Recorded from section Upper 1, row E, seat 410 -- I would guess about 60 feet from stage and 15 degrees right of center (from my perspective).

d1t01 Bridges In The Sky
d1t02 6:00
d1t03 The Dark Eternal Night
d1t04 This Is The Life
d1t05 The Root Of All Evil
d1t06 Lost Not Forgotten
d1t07 A Fortune In Lies
d1t08 Keyboard Solo

d2t01 Surrounded
d2t02 On The Backs Of Angels
d2t03 War Inside My Head / The Test That Stumped Them All
d2t04 Guitar Solo
d2t05 The Spirit Carries On
d2t06 Breaking All Illusions
d2t07 [encore break]
d2t08 Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper

James LaBrie - Vocals
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
John Petrucci - Guitar
John Myung - Bass
Mike Mangini - Drums

The greatest concert I have ever attended. That doesn't necessarily mean it was better than average for the band; it was the first time I have seen them. The recording came out pretty well. I'll rate it 8/10.


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