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Iron Maiden - Newark, NJ 02.07.2012

Iron Maiden
Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

Recorded with:
Edirol R-09 (16/44.1)
DPA 4061 mics
Tracked with Audacity
xACT Flac Level 8

Edirol .wav > HD > Edited with Audacity >.AIFF >(xACT)FLAC > MP3.

Recording by spitback

Can I Play With Madness
The Prisoner
2 Minutes to Midnight
Afraid to Shoot Strangers
The Trooper
The Number of the Beast
Phantom of the Opera
Run to the Hills
Wasted Years
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
The Clairvoyant
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
Churchill's Speech
Aces High
The Evil That Men Do
Running Free

This was the first time I'd seen Maiden since 1988, which coincidentally was the original Seventh Son tour. I was really looking forward to this show and they did not disappoint. This was taped from the right of the soundboard at about the middle of the floor. I broke my foot a month ago so I was wearing a giant boot that fit all my recording gear very nicely going through security...a real live bootleg recording for your listening pleasure.


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