Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Motorhead - Saratoga Springs, NY 31.07.2012

Saratoga Springs, NY

Source: ATu853s > AT8532s > R09 @ 16/44
Transfer: USB > WAV > CEP II > CD Wave > FLAC8 > MP3

Taper: Dassarri (


01 Bomber
02 Damage Case
03 I Know How to Die
04 Stay Clean
05 Over the Top
06 The Chase is Better than the Catch
07 The One to Sing the Blues
08 Going to Brazil
09 Killed by Death
10 Ace of Spades
11 Overkill

Second band I taped at Mayhem Fest and, like Anthrax, not really my thing. The sound was a lot better on the main stage, but you still can barely understand a word the lead singer says (the bassist kindly translated at times). Always wanted to see a Motorhead show once and now I have. Enjoy!


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