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Iron Maiden - Tinley Park, IL 05.07.2012

Iron Maiden
First Midwet Bank Ampitheater
Tinley Park Illinois
Thursday July 5, 2012

01 Intro
02 Moonchild
03 Can I Play With Madness
04 The Prisoner
05 2 Minutes To Midnight
06 Afraid To Shoot Strangers
07 The Trooper
08 The Number Of The Beast
09 Phantom Of The Opera
10 Run To The Hills
11 Wasted Years
12 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
13 The Clairvoyant
14 Fear Of The Dark
15 Iron Maiden

16 Intro: Churchill's Speech
17 Aces High
18 The Evil That Men Do (missing)
19 Running Free (missing)

Recording Gear:
DPA4061s(HEB)->Olympus LS11 24/96>SoundForge 10.0 (Resample 16/44.1)>CD Architect 5.0

Pit, Stage Left 11 rows back, elevated approximately 10" off the ground on platform that surrounded the pit. Directly in line wiht the stage right hanging stacks.

Upped by normal dude

Taper's notes:

I taped both Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden in Tinley Park;

The Evil That Men Do and Running Free are not present (I had to leave the show during The Evil That Men Do due to my 17yr old son becoming violently ill due to the heat. it was near 100 degrees at showtime and we just did not get enough water to last.)

I created artwork in for the 2CDS and a DVD that I created of the show from video clips I took and ones posted synched up with this audio. I am not a fan of the large DVD cases and like having all of the audio/video sources of a show in one storage medium. The artwork includes pictures I took at the show.

I have had a number of poor experiences in the Chicagoland area over the past 10-12 years, and I will be the first to agree with either splitting the city off from the rest of the state, or just blowing the place to hell all together. But the folks who assisted me with caring for my son while he was drifting in and out of conciousness, getting us water and additional medical support will have my eternal gratitude. They were Maiden fans enjoyiing a great concert, but they were good samaritans first and cared about their fellow man more. I have attended several hundred concerts over the past 30+ years and the people we encountered that night were among the nicest I have met at any of the shows.


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