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Nightwish - Montreal, Quebec, Canada 19.09.2012

Nightwish, September 19 2012

CEPSUM Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The gears: Creative JB3 recorder at 44 khz, Sound-Pro Mics, battery box set at 107hz bass roll-off. Normalized in SoundForge, split with CDWave, FLAC level 8.

The taper: Micro Magnon, the stone-age taper

I was not familiar with this band, until I saw the show. So setlist and cuts are based on what I found on the net.

The CEPSUM (Centre d'Education-Physique et des Sports de l'Université de Montréal) has to be one of the worst venue in the world.
It's a hockey arena within the sports complex of the university. The seats are only ne one side, with the stage positioned in the center facing the seats.
Needless to say, the sound is terrible, sightlines un-inspiring, which took away what I'm told is normally a cool stage.
We were on the floor, stage left. The sound isn't great, even if I have competent gear. But fans should want to hear the band address the 2000+crowd in French.

No, I did NOT record Kamelot, the support band. Though I admit they were quite good.

2-Wish I Had an Angel
05-Dead to the World
06-Slow, Love, Slow
07-I Want My Tears Back
(with Troy Donockley)
08-The Crow, the Owl and the Dove
(with Troy Donockley)
09-The Islander
(with Troy Donockley)
(with Troy Donockley) (Acoustic)
11-Last of the Wilds
(with Troy Donockley)
12-Planet Hell
13-Ghost River
14-Over the Hills and Far Away
(Gary Moore cover) (with Troy Donockley)
15-Song of Myself
(Without Part 4)
16-Last Ride of the Day


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